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Weiß nicht ob es in dieser Runde BTC Fans gibt (ich bin ja bekanntlich keiner). Jedenfalls kann man dazu den Bill Blain Kommentar von heute empfehlen. Hier ein Auszug

Over the last 10-years no one has persuaded me Crypto has any real utility. Its only tangibility is what the next greater fool will pay for it. There is absolutely nothing legal Bitcoin can do, or provide, that isn’t already performed perfectly well by other mechanisms or assets. My offer of £100 to anyone that can propose a genuine unique, useful and legal thing Bitcoin makes better still stands...

...To understand the market in Bitcoin forget all the mumbo-jumbo technobabble bovine-excreta that accompanies what passes for crypto-commentary. Instead, regard Crypto as a cult – it’s just another form of Ponzi where the top players are enabled to pray on the most recent entrants at the foot of the ladder. Focus on who these players are.
I perceive four layers of crypto participants;
• the High Priests,
• the Accolytes,
• the Believers, and
• the Cultists.

...Every boom in Bitcoin happens the same way:
The High Priests buy at the bottom.
The Acolytes start preaching the myths.
The believers nod their acceptance and join the rally.
The Cultists, the want-to-get-rich-quick meme-stock trading retail who read in the National Enquirer they will make $300k a week buying it, are persuaded the market can only keep going higher. The Cultists don’t need to see anything more than headlines that Buttcon is Digital Gold, and the price is rising, and they pile in willy-nilly. As they buy and the market ratchets higher, the smart high-priest holders are the ones selling, while the Acolytes fan it higher.


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