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>(Reuters) -A trio of Federal Reserve officials from across
>the policy spectrum signaled on Tuesday that they and their
>colleagues remain resolute and "completely united" on getting
>U.S. interest rates up to a level that will more significantly
>curb economic activity and put a dent in the highest inflation
>since the 1980s.
>Moreover, one of them - San Francisco Fed President Mary Daly
>- said she was "puzzled" by bond market prices that reflect
>investor expectations for the central bank to shift to rate
>cuts in the first half of next year. On the contrary, she said
>her expectation is the Fed will keep raising rates for now and
>then hold them there "for a while," remarks that triggered a
>wave of selling in rate-futures markets.

Ja, weil ihnen der Markt schon wieder zu schlau ist.

Track-Record FED an richtigen Prognosen: 0,0% (no inflation, transitory, no recession blabla)

Track-Record des Markts: immer korrekt.

Ergo wird die FED nicht weitertun knnen, auch wenn sie es noch so oft behaupten (genauso wie eben die transitory inflation).

Pervers, die FED beschftigt 400 PhDs fr die Wirtschaftsanalyse und liegen _IMMER_ falsch. Was fr eine shitshow.


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