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> European banks reporting under IFRS - big and small - show
>unrealised losses on their AfS securities (FVtOCI in
>IFRS-speak) in both TBV and CET1
>capital. In the US, all banks show such losses in TBV but the
>non-GSIBs are allowed to add
>back the unrealised losses to CET1 capital.
>• Unlike US regional banks therefore, a European bank faced
>with deposit outflows could sell
>its FVtOCI securities without incurring any hit to either TBV
>or CET1 capital.

Dazu wäre noch zu ergänzen, dass SVB mitlobbiert hat die Grenze für Dodd-Frank auf 250 Mrd Dollar anzuheben. Damit waren sie befreit von den strikten Regeln

In 2018, Trump and Congressional Republicans passed a bank deregulation bill which rolled back Dodd-Frank restrictions on banks like SVB. It was supported by all the major bank lobbies, every Republican and a few corporate Democrats. It would likely have prevented this failure.


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