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Indeed the start to the year has been one of the best on record. We'll get a better historical feel by month end as monthly pricing goes back further than daily data (and a lot can happen between now and then!), but up to last night's close (Jan 18th) we saw the following records vs. this date through history. Except for commodities they're all in total return terms.
 Best Euro Stoxx 600 return (+7.8%) in Bloomberg data back to 1987.
 Best DAX performance (+9.0%) since 1986.
 Best US IG (+4.5%) since daily data starts in 1999. If we use monthly data it would be the best Jan since 1975 if it ended now.
 Best EU IG (+3.1%) since data starts in 1999.
 Best start for the Hang Seng (+9.6%) since 1985.
 Best start for MSCI EM Index (+7.7%) since 2001.
 Best for US Treasuries (+3.4%) since daily data on Bloomberg starts in 1995.
 Best for Euro Sovereigns (+4.7%) of 21st century so far.
 On London Metal Exchange, best start for copper (+11.4%) since data begins in 1987, aluminium (+10.9%) since data begins 1989, zinc (+14.6%) since data begins 1990, tin (+17.3%) since data begins 1990.
 Worst start (but better for risk assets) for European Natural Gas (-19.1%) since data begins in 2006.


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