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Chanos is buoyant. A week earlier, one of his largest short positions — the German payments company Wirecard — filed for bankruptcy, after admitting that €1.9bn of its cash probably did “not exist”. This followed a five-year FT investigation into its accounting practices. Chanos’s funds made almost $100m from the trade, according to an investor. He laughs: “It’s bittersweet, Harriet, because short-sellers put up with weeks and months of misery, and you feel good for hours and days.”


…Today, he says, “we are in the golden age of fraud”.


Chanos describes the current environment as “a really fertile field for people to play fast and loose with the truth, and for corporate wrongdoers to get away with it for a long time”. He reels off why: a 10-year bull market driven by central bank intervention; a level of retail participation in the markets reminiscent of the end of the dotcom boom; Trumpian “post-truth in politics, where my facts are your fake news”; and Silicon Valley’s “fake it until you make it” culture, which is compounded by Fomo — the fear of missing out. All of this is exacerbated by lax oversight. Financial regulators and law enforcement, he says, “are the financial archaeologists — they will tell you after the company has collapsed what the problem was.”


All in all, it’s “a heady witch’s brew for trouble”.


…I return to the subject of Tesla, whose shares have surged around six-fold in the five years since Chanos began shorting the company. What is going on here? “I think Elon Musk has personified the hopes and dreams of this bull market,” he says, setting out his bear case against Tesla, which he sees as unprofitable, highly leveraged and facing increasing competition. Tesla “burnishes its results through aggressive accounting”, in his view. He also describes it as “a culture of deception” because it is selling self-driving to consumers, which as yet “doesn’t exist”.


What, I ask, is Chanos’s main motivation: to be rich or to be right?


“I want to do this until they pull me out of the seat,” he replies. When Wirecard filed for insolvency, there was “an electricity” that ran through Kynikos. “That keeps you going.” And so, he says, does his belief that “this market is setting up to be one of the great short opportunities of all time”.


“Trouble’s coming, I don’t know when, but it’s coming.”


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