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>Äpfel und Birnen sind beide aus der Familie der Rosengewächse,
>Unterart Kernobst

Haha, ja stimmt.

Zur Dynamik, mal eine andere Einschätzung, als die Horror Szenarien.

https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/.premium.MAGAZINE-israeli-expert-trump-is-right-about -covid-19-who-is-wrong-1.8691031?v=CDBFACA5662E8174BA824BAD929EA12B

But, social distancing should lead to fewer cases of infection and death, no?

“No, because we won’t be able to isolate ourselves completely or forever. At some stage, we will have to resume a regular routine, and then the R0 will stabilize at 2 again. Effectively, we are delaying the inevitable. I have no criticism of the decisions made until now. On the contrary: With such a large area of uncertainty, Israel’s decision makers are considering not only a reasonable scenario but also a margin of safety.


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