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Global electricity production from coal is on track to fall by around 3% in 2019, the largest drop on record.

The projected record is due to…

Record falls in developed countries, including Germany, the EU overall and South Korea, which are not being matched by increases elsewhere. The largest reduction is taking place in the US, as several large coal-fired power plants close.
A sharp turnaround in India, where coal power output is on track to fall for the first time in at least three decades.
A flattening of generation growth in China.

The main counteracting force is from continuing increases in coal generation in south-east Asia, but demand from these countries is still small relative to the global total.

The global decline means an economic hit for coal plants due to reduced average running hours, which are set to reach an all-time low.

Weiter: https://www.carbonbrief.org/analysis-global-coal-power-set-for-record-fall-in-2019


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