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>"Ich will nicht mehr, ich kann nicht mehr, ich halte das nicht
>mehr aus"

Ah da geht sicher no was.
Reddit auf 100 oder so, MSTR auf min 2000
Problem ist, dass das halt selten gut endet, und in dieser Hhe es verdammt weit runter geht.
Hier eine Zusammenfassung:

Todays blue chip moves:

$DWAC up +42% because Trump gave himself the golf award of the year at his resort and stock will start trading under DJT so this definitely going full NFT 2021
$RDDT up +30% based on its Reddit and why not
$MSTR up +22% while trading at 200% premium to its BTC holdings while their CEO/Cult leader sells like a mad man.
$GME up +15% because its the OG degen stock and were so back
$SMCI up +7% because JP Morgan decided its never too late to join the party especially while everyone is drunk and the stock is up 1000% in 12 months


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